07 Mart 2016 Pazartesi 12:33
UK to join NATO patrol mission in Aegean Sea to tackle refugee crisis

The UK military is to join Nato forces intercepting and returning people trying to reach Europe from Turkey, as Turkish Prime Minister and EU leaders meet in Brussels on the issue. The NATO fleet will be under the command of the German-led Nato patrol which sent three warships to the area three weeks ago in a rapid deployment.

Two Border Force cutters will also join the operation, along with a third boat – the chartered civilian vessel VOS Grace – which is already in the Aegean, English The Guardian reported.
The UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the Royal Navy was deploying the amphibious landing ship RFA Mounts Bay as the first UK contribution to the NATO deployment in the Aegean Sea.
The vessel, which carries a Wildcat helicopter, will join naval vessels from Germany, Canada, Turkey and Greece as part of Nato's first intervention in the migration crisis. The fleet will be the NATO's first intervention in Aegean Sea in order to tackle refugee crisis will intercept illagal migrants and inform the Turkish Coastguards.
David Cameron “We've got to break the business model of the criminal smugglers and stop the desperate flow of people crammed into makeshift vessels from embarking on a fruitless and perilous journey. That's why this Nato mission is so important. It's an opportunity to stop the smugglers and send out a clear message to migrants contemplating journeys to Europe that they will be turned back. That's why the UK is providing vital military assets to work with our European partners and support this mission.” told before the emergency summit in Brussels
Guardian newspaper suggested that Ahmet Davutoglu will be pressed to take back refugees who do not qualify as refugees. "The EU executive has announced the first payouts from a £2.3bn fund meant to help Turkey cope with the influx of refugees. Agency reports have claimed that EU leaders will urge Turkey to agree to “large scale” deportations of 100,000 economic migrants from Greece" the newspaper reported. 
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