04 Mart 2016 Cuma 06:33
Two aspirin a week can protect from cancer

Taking two aspirin a week could protect from cancer, researchers found.

US scientists analysed 32 years of date from 136 thousands people and reported that, those who had aspirin regularly had a three percent lower risk of developing cancer. This percentage is much lower for bowel and stomach cancer, at 15 and 19 percent.

Researchers told that the people who had a family history of stomach or bowel cancer might consider taking aspirin with recommendation by their doctor.

Dr Andrew Chan from Massachusetts General Hospital told that, individuals can take aspirin in order to lower the risk of type of colorectal cancers; but, added that they are not able to say there would be a general recommendation for all cancer prevention, underlying taking a aspirin to prevent gastrointestinal cancer would be beneficial for those who have risk factors discussed by their doctors.

According to researches aspirin might be effective in cancer cells by making the blood thinners. The body is often struggle to clear cancerous cell since platelets in the blood stick to them. Even tiny amount of aspirin would be beneficial. Benefit of aspirin's protection when it takes regularly can be seen after five years told researchers.

On the other hand there is no reduction was observed in the risk of breast, prostate or lung cancers. The research published in JAMA Oncology journal.

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