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Turkey cannot face refugee crisis alone, urges former EU minister

- Turkey hosting more than 2.7 million refugees cannot face the humanitarian crisis alone, urged Former EU Minister and Chief Negotiator of Turkey Egemen Bağış in his article for Financial Times published on Feb. 11.

“The relentless bombing and destruction has caused a massive fear in the hearts of many Syrians, especially so right now for those in the Aleppo region, who are rapidly fleeing to the Syrian border with Turkey” said Bağış in his article.

According to Egemen Bağış, the civil war in Syria has proved the “responsibility of Assad regime” in Syria for the “death and destruction of families, homes, schools, hospitals, ancient monuments”.

Having underlined Turkey has been hosting more than 2.7 million refugees, he pointed to the risk of one million more refugees who can come if the attacks are not halted.

“More than 10 thousand refugees have been able to cross the border into Turkey already. More than 40 thousand are being housed in camps on the Syrian side of the border” he added.

UN, international community make effort”

Egemen Bağış stressed that the humanitarian aid including food, shelter, blankets and medical supplies have been mostly provided by Turkey, however the country “cannot and should not act alone”.

“The international community must also spare no effort to assist the refugees. The EU must also act fast” he said.

According to the article, Turkey can face a real threat of the “tide flooding the borders”.

“There is a moral and legal duty for all nations to unite, to provide protection, aid, dignity and above all, survival, for the displaced refugees” Bağış explained.

Temporary safe haven is merely a “band-aid solution”, he urged, calling on the international community, led by the United Nations, to focus on the root of this tragedy .

The “bloody dictatorship in Damascus” must be halted, he underlined.

“Just like all other nations, people of Syria deserve democracy, human rights and the pursuit of happiness now, not later” said Bağış in the FT article.

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