04 Aralık 2015 Cuma 14:54
Reintroduction of Schengen controls mean millions of more refugees in Turkey: EU expert

– The reintroduction of border control mechanisms of Schengen member countries would mean millions of more refugees for Turkey, while Schengen's emphasis on freedom changes to security, said Can Baydarol, EU expert and Professor at Kültür University in Istanbul.


10;color:#222222">A leaked proposal from the EU's Luxembourg presidency showed internal borders in the Schengen free movement zone could be reintroduced by member countries and Schengen member countries would be able to demand passport control against free movement of passangers offered by Schengen.


10;color:#222222">According to the independent news portal EUobserver, the proposal leaked by the London-based civil liberties group Statewatch, said the proposal underlines “a two-year extension should be permitted ‘insofar as the exceptional circumstances constitute a serious threat to public policy or internal security'”.


10;color:#222222">EU expert and Professor Can Baydarol told Doğan News Agency that Schengen's priority which was “freedom” has been changing to “security."


10;color:#222222">More importantly, according to Baydarol, this move means 3-4 millions more refugees for Turkey.


10;color:#222222">Prior to the Turkey – EU Summit, EU has held a “Schengen summit” and discussed a potential “mini-Schengen zone” amid the “refugee crisis”. Thus, this is not a new story, said the EU expert. 


10;color:#222222">Baydarol added that along with the migrant flow, the deadly Paris attacks leaving hundreds killed, have triggered these measures, as one of the suspects have blown himself up in the heart of Europe, after travelling from Brussels, liberally, with a train ticket.


10;color:#222222">Then, how would there measures affect Turkey?


10;color:#222222">These measures mean, “three billion euros and right for free-travel, in return of giving refugees right to reside in Turkey for a life time”.


10;color:#222222">Turkey will have three or four millions of refugees within its border, if the measures are applied, said the EU expert.


10;color:#222222">Germany, with its ageing population needs migrants, particularly “qualified” migrants that can work in the services sector, according to Baydarol. Thus, the EU country says Turkey, “You hold them there, then”, while underlining the flow could narrow this gap.


10;color:#222222">Meanwhile, as the EUobserver reports, the inflow of asylum seekers and migrants triggered new checks in Germany, amid a large arrival of asylum seekers transiting through Austria.


10;color:#222222">This was followed by similar measures in the Czech Republic and Slovakia introduced similar measures. The Dutch has also stepped up and launched selective border control checks, while Sweden, also has restored controls.


10;color:#222222">EU Council Chief Donald Tusk has urged that “Schengen is at risk of collapse unless external EU borders like the ones in Greece are better managed”, reminded the report of EUobserver.


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