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Nilüfer Demir's Alan Kurdi photograph in TIME's Top 10
DHA photographer Nilufer Demir's historical photograph showing Alan Kurdi, a Syrian three-year-old toddler whose lifeless body washed ashore Turkey's Bodrum coast, was selected in TIME's Top 10 photos of 2015 and presented as the first story in the announcement.

“The picture did not get its power because it was published above the fold on the front pages of newspapers across Europe and the globe, instead its power came from social media as millions of people started sharing various versions of the photograph on Facebook and Twitter” the TIME statement said, on Dec. 23.

Demir has clicked the shutter of her camera on Sep. 2 around 06.00 a.m., in Akyarlar coast of Bodrum district in Muğla province, where bodies of migrants washed ashore the coast after two inflatable boats sank.

A number of migrants have died and others were reported missing when boats carrying them to the Greek island of Kos capsized.

Alan Kurdi's mother and five-year-old brother, Rehanna and Ghalib Kurdi have also died and washed ashore in the incident.

Image's influence "born by the audience"

“Turkish photographer Nilufer Demir's astounding photograph of a dead three-year-old Alan Kurdi face down on the Turkish shore broke our collective hearts” said TIME in its announcement:

“Its influence was born by the audience. More than ever, this picture proves the power of the still image and its ability to influence. It catapulted conversations and reached the highest levels of power. It's representative of the incredible work we've seen on the refugee crisis.”

In addition to Demir's photograph of Alan, photo of Georgi Licovski, showing the sheer chaos of families being separated on the Macedonian border, has “moved” the TIME and was listed as one of the most moving images of 2015.

The image has hit media outlets and social media around the world, with many people voicing their anger at Europe's lack of action on the plight of refugees, particularly from Syria.


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