22 Mart 2016 Salı 14:47
Islamic State claims responsibility for Brussels attacks

The Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for the three deadly attacks in Brussels, in a statement issued via its online channel, A'maq news agency.

Death toll of the deadly Brussels attacks increased to at least 34 in two different blasts that also left at least 170 wounded.

Two explosions erupted at the departure hall in the Zaventem airport in Brussels, and left at least 11 killed while 81 were injured, Belgian health ministry has said earlier. Another blast that hit the Maelbeek metro station near EU buildings killed at least 20 people and injured 106, Mayor of Brussels has said.

A Turkish citizen was allegedly injured and hospitalized at Leuven Hospital, an airport officer told DHA.

Belgian federal prosecutor: Airport blast was suicide attack

Belgian federal prosecutor said the blast at the airport was "a suicide attack".

Footage and images released on social media showed rising smoke on the terminal, as well as people fleeing the area with panic.

The airport has been evacuated and closed to flights, while train transportation to the airport has been halted, according to local media. No one claimed responsibility for the attacks so far.

Shots were fired and a person allegedly cried in Arabic right before the attack, according to several eye witnesses confirmed by Belgian media.

According to local broadcaster VTM, an unexploded suicide vest and a Kalashnikov rifle were found at Brussels airport, according to Belgian broadcaster VTM.

Belgian PM: A dark day for the country

Meanwhile, Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel confirmed two attacks in Brussels this morning and said many people were killed and many wounded.

PM Michel confirmed the blast at the terminal was a suicide attack. "What we feared has happened" he said, calling this a "dark day" for Belgium.

"Avoid the airport area. Flights have been cancelled" said the statement of Brussels Airport on Twitter.

Belgium raised "terror alert" to 4, the maximum level, said Belgium Interior Minister Jan Jambon.

The Belgium Parliament and the Prime Ministry building have been evacuated as well. Security measures at London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam airports were boosted after the attacks. EU institutions cancelled all meetings.

Officials did not put any media ban, but the prosecutor's office urged that the investigation should not be interrupted through certain reports.

"No public transport. Stay where you are, also in schools, companies" said Belgian crisis center.

The blast erupted after Turkish Airlines passengers entered the plane for the Brussels-Istanbul flight.The plane was not affected by the explosion. Passengers have been told to wait at the apron.


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