24 Aralık 2015 Perşembe 12:04
Iranian passenger plane crashes guardrails at Istanbul Ataturk Airport (2)

- An Airbus A310-300 of Iranian Mahan Air has crashed the concrete barriers, as it failed to stop while getting its parking position, at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, on Dec. 24. The fore plane hit onto a passenger coach at the terminal and caused a brief shock among passengers inside the plane.

The front landing gear of the Iranian plane, which has departed from Tehran, as well as the terminal coach at the apron placed behind the guardrail were damaged after the incident. No injuries were reported.

The passenger aircraft was steered to the newly installed S6 parking position by officers, after having landed at the Ataturk Airport, having brought 150 passengers from Iran. However, the aircraft landed ahead of the parking position and managed to stop after crashing the guardrails in 30 meters distance to the position.

The State Airports Administration deployed rescue teams and fire crews at the scene, while front landing gears of the plane were destroyed. An investigation regarding the incident has been launched.

Iranian pilot refuses routine breath test

Meanwhile, the plane's Iranian pilot has allegedly refused the breath test ordered by officials within international rules of the air. “I am a Muslim; why is a breath test necessary?” he allegedly asked. The pilot, then, take a footage of the plane that has crashed with his tablet.

The brakes of the plain have failed due to a hydraulic break down and the pilot has turned the engines off immediately, said General Directorate of State Airports Authority officials.

“The pilot has done what was necessary. If the couch was not below the barricades to stop the plane, this could lead to a disaster” said officials.

"We got scared when we looked outside the windows"

They have all escaped unharmed after the crash, told passengers, in the foreign flights terminal of the Ataturk Airport. “We were not afraid inside the plane when the incident occurred but when we looked outside the windows, we got scared” one of the Iranian passengers, Seyyid Kapri told the DHA, who has come to Turkey for a touristic visit.

The pilot has made an announcement. The brakes have failed, said another passenger, Hamit Rıza.


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