23 Aralık 2015 Çarşamba 13:44
Demirtaş raises concern over 'distortion in Russia - Turkey relations' in Moscow

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş slammed Turkey's foreign policy producing a “war policy” following a crucial meeting with Russian FM Sergei Lavrov on Dec. 23, and vowed that his party will not stand idly by the problems Turkish citizens face in Russia.

Turkey's foreign policy has been affecting Turkey's peoples as well as employers, workers, students and businessmen working with Russia, said Demirtaş.

Demirtaş who has been in Russian capital of Moscow for his meeting with Lavrov, also attended the opening of Kurdish-Russian Businessmen Union in Russia and made a statement to reporters.

Russia and Turkey have been in a spat after the controversial downing of Russia Su-24 jet on Nov. 24, in Syria by Turkey, due to “border breach”.

The HDP co-leader told he and Lavrov have “found to chance to discuss these issues” and how the two countries could solve the problem “with diplomatic relations”.

Demirtaş told the government has not been in a line leaning towards” faith in democracy, democratic solutions and reforms”.

He raised concern over "the destortion of relations" between Russia and Turkey.

The HDP has always avoided a stand where statements conflict with each other, in visits to Russia, Germany or the U.S., told Demirtaş, adding that the party was "determinant to open dialogue channels, without triggering tension between the two countries."

“This crucial crisis directly affect millions of people. We particularly do not want the people to suffer. Maybe the government do not care about the crisis but this is not a crisis to be underestimated” said Demirtaş, underlining from exporter-importers to citrus producers, many citizens have been facing troubles due to Russia- Turkey tension.

On the other hand, HDP's Demirtaş said they were not in Moscow to discuss Turkey's Kurdish problem and they had no expectations, accordingly.

“Of course we have certain propositions for a solution in terms of the Kurdish problem; we have not arrived here to discuss this, but we have referred to them as well, today” he added.

Demirtaş said they have “spoken with Turkish Foreign Minister before the visit” but the Ministry has given “no messages to convey”.

“We feel sorry that our visit have been considered as an anti-Turkey move” Demirtaş stated.

“We only think of the interest of Turkey's society and we do not have to treat things the way Justice and Development Party (AKP) does” he added.


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